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Enforcer PATV Episode

See first hand what it’s like to be an Enforcer at PAX by checking out this special episode of PATV.

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About The Enforcers

As tens of thousands of attendees enjoy and experience the spectacle that is PAX, the incredible and often hidden work of the Enforcers hums like a well oiled machine. This incredible group of over a thousand individuals tirelessly give a week of their lives each year, as literal blood, sweat and tears make the show happen.

What started as a volunteer workforce has grown into its own living and breathing community, focused on helping the game community at large. Not only do they ensure a well run PAX, but they also assist with our charity, Child’s Play, as well as a variety of community and Enforcer run activities throughout the year.

See an Enforcer not putting out a fire? Be sure to thank them!