September 17th, 2018

Six Masters 2018 Announced – The Biggest Rainbow Six Esports Event in Australia & New Zealand

September 18th, 2018 – Ubisoft has announced the Six Masters 2018, a new Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six esports tournament - the largest event ever organised in Australia and New Zealand for Rainbow Six esports.

The one-day invitational tournament will take place on Saturday October 27th on the ESL Stage in the PAX Arena at PAX Australia 2018. Four of the best-performing teams from the Asia-Pacific region will compete for a combined prize pool of $25,000 AUD, which will be split as per the following:

-      1st Place:        $15,000
-      2nd Place:        $6,000
-      3rd Place:        $2,000
-      4th Place:        $2,000

For this inaugural event, the competing teams will include Australian organisations FNATIC, ViewSonic.DarkSided and Athletico, as well as Japanese team Nora-Rengo.

Sebastian Østfeldt, Brand & Esports Manager at Ubisoft Australia, said, “The Rainbow Six esports scene continues to explode in popularity all over the world, and Australia and New Zealand are no exception. The Six Masters represents the first step in our long-term plan to establish Rainbow Six as a mainstay esports title in the ANZ and APAC regions, and we’re incredibly excited to deliver this tournament to our passionate community.”

Jayden ‘Dizzle’ Saunders, FNATIC Coach and Manager, said, “The Six Masters is incredibly exciting for our FNATIC team and the entire Rainbow Six esports community in the ANZ region. We’re looking forward to meeting our fans and showing the local crowds just how exciting a premiere Rainbow Six esports event of this size can be.”

PAX Australia 2018 tickets for Saturday 27th October are still available and can be purchased on the registration page.
The entire event will also be livestreamed on Twitch on the official Rainbow 6 ANZ channel.

The unveiling of the Six Masters 2018 comes right after the Rainbow Six Pro League ANZ Play Offs last week, where FNATIC and Athletico secured their places at the Pro League Season 8 APAC Finals in Tokyo, Japan on October 13-14, 2018. The eight finalist teams from Japan, Korea, South-East Asia and Australia-New Zealand will compete to qualify for the Pro League Season 8 Global Finals in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on November 17-18, 2018.

The Six Masters 2018 sits alongside the new Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Pro League format announced back in January, which kicked off last June with the launch of Pro League Season 8. Each Year will now be comprised of two six-month long Pro League Seasons (June-November and December-May), punctuated by two Majors: the traditional Six Invitational in February, and the Six Major, the first edition of which took place in Paris in August. Additional details on Years 2018-2020 Pro League format can be found here.

For more information about the Six Masters 2018 please visit the Rainbow Six website and follow RainbowSixANZ on Twitter.

September 5th, 2018

Bethesda hosting Australia’s inaugural Quake Championship at PAX 2018

MELBOURNE, VIC – 6 Aug. 2018 – PAX Aus 2018, taking place 26-28 Oct. 2018 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, will be home to Bethesda’s inaugural Australian Quake Championships.

On Sunday, 29 Oct., the best of the best will compete for the title of Australian Quake Champions on the ESL stage. The winning team will be flown to represent the region on the global stage at Dreamhack Winter Elmia, Jonkoping, from 30 Nov. – 3 Dec., 2018, and compete for a prize pool of $200,000 USD.

The 2v2 online qualifiers kick off this weekend on Sunday, 9 Sep. and will continue right up until the culminating event at PAX Aus. Finalists will have their flights and accommodation paid for.

“The word ‘quake’ refers to an event so massive the earth itself trembles. Australia, a historically tectonically stable region, doesn’t normally experience events on a scale the likes of which send tremors through the ground,” said Luke Lancaster, content manager, PAX Aus. “It is a true pleasure that we have the rare privilege of working with Bethesda to make the damn earth shudder with the Quake Championships at PAX Aus this October.”
Players can register for the online qualifiers and schedules here.

August 9th, 2018

Ali Baba’s WESG Oceania Esports Event Comes to PAX Aus 2018

MELBOURNE, VIC. –  August 10, 2018 – World Electronic Sports Games will come to the PAX Arena stage at PAX Aus 2018, taking place 26-28 Oct. in Melbourne, VIC.

WESG is the international esports championship tournament organized by Alibaba Group’s AliSports. Partnering with Australian Esports League, this year marks its first foray into Australia, bringing together the best in the region to compete in Dota 2, CS:GO, Hearthstone and StarCraft 2.

The online events will commence on Sept 1, with competitors playing Dota 2, CS:GO, StarCraft 2 and Hearthstone. Select matches will be broadcast in the lead up to PAX Aus, where the top two teams in Dota 2 and CS:GO will compete on stage at PAX Arena in a grand final match.

WESG at PAX Arena will also hold open qualifiers for the Hearthstone finals in November. Anyone is welcome to compete, with winners progressing on to the finals in Sydney where they can play for a $30,000 prize pool and a chance to represent the region in China where they play for a share of $US5.5 million as part of the global series.

PAX Aus first hosted the PAX Arena esports stages in 2015, and since then, has partnered with the likes of Red Bull, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Hi-Rez, and McDonald’s to deliver high-quality competitive play to thousands of attendees.

“The growth of esports in the APAC region has been nothing short of meteoric,” said Luke Lancaster, Content Manager, PAX Aus. “This partnership with AliSport sets up PAX Arena as a truly international event, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

“We chose PAX Aus as the home for WESG because of the community,” said Darren Kwan, executive producer at the Australian Esports League. “There’s no better way to bring Australian audiences into the fold than by offering up world-class matches at PAX Aus.”

PAX Aus is produced by ReedPOP in conjunction with Penny Arcade. The show was the first international PAX event and has brought passionate gaming communities together in Melbourne since 2013. PAX Aus attendees get to experience the best in gaming culture with more than 180 exhibitors, thousands of playable games, and more than 150 hours of on-stage content.

August 7th, 2018

Nerf Herder Performing at PAX AUS 2018

The legends of Geek Rock, Nerf Herder will be playing at PAX AUS 2018!

The band is perhaps best known for their iconic theme to the Joss Whedon cult TV show ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’. Their signature blend of modern Pop-Punk is characterised by their humorous lyrics and pop culture references. Welcome Nerf Herder - we look forward to seeing you at the show!

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May 7th, 2018

Storytime with Rhianna Pratchett

Rhianna Pratchett is an award-winning writer for games, comics, film, TV and the occasional short story. She has wrestled the wild beasts of narrative on titles such as Heavenly Sword, Mirror’s Edge, the Overlord series, Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Her work has received awards from the WGA, the WGGB, DICE, SXSW, and a BAFTA nomination. Rhianna has worked for DC and Dark Horse (notably Mirror’s Edge and Tomb Raider) and is currently writing film and TV projects with the Jim Henson Company, Film4 and O3 Productions. She likes hard liquor and soft cats.

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