August 14th, 2017

New Website!

If you are incredibly observant, and squint in just the right light, you might notice our complete and total website overhaul!

Please feel free to check everything out, it’s all very exciting. And while it is true that we have an amazing new site and we are going to roll out even more features going forward, we are in the midst of double checking everything. So in the meantime if something seems out of place let us know as we get everything up to speed!

March 13th, 2017

Final week for badge mail out – book now

Final week for badge mailout – book now and avoid the collection queue! Offer ends this Sunday 3 Sep!

Do you realise this will be the fifth year that PAX will take place in Australia? How crazy is it to think about how much has happened since we first launched the show in 2013?

So badges for PAX Aus 2017 are now on sale, click this link to acquire yours right away at our early bird prices.

Additionally, we’ve added some cool limited edition items you can pickup at the same time, including a mystery bag full of mysterious mysteries, and a sweet set of custom PAX Aus branded dice from Level Up Dice.

Plus, just by simply buying your badge you automatically go into our draw to win a Nintendo Switch and a copy of Zelda Breath of the Wild (terms & conditions apply).

January 1st, 2017

Storytime with Burnie Burns

Pull up a chair and get comfy as Rooster Teeth co-founder and Red vs. Blue creator Burnie Burns delivers the ‘Storytime’ opening keynote at PAX Australia 2017, taking place October 27-29 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Chief Creative Officer of Rooster Teeth Productions, Burnie’s body of work also includes 2015 sci-fi comedy Lazer Team, The Sims parody series The Strangerhood, and anime-influenced web series RWBY. For these and his numerous other projects, Burns, named one of The Hollywood Reporter’s “Top 25 Digital Stars” in 2015, has garnered multiple award nominations from The Webby Awards and International Academy of Web Television.