10 Years of App Gaming: How Aussies Dominated The Mobile Era

The App Store is ten years old and it changed the course of gaming forever. Our panel of legendary brains helped bring the likes of Puzzle Quest, Shooty Skies, Crossy Road, Monument Valley and many more to life. Why did Australia get so good at making games for the smartphone era? How has the games industry been changed by all things mobile? And what are the gems of the first ten years you need to own, or may have missed along the way?


Seamus Byrne [Journalist & Broadcaster, AFR / GOAT], Ken Wong [Creative Director, Mountains Games], Clara Reeves [President, Hipster Whale], Steve Fawkner [Game Designer, Infinite Interactive], Giselle Rosman [Business Admin, Hipster Whale], Matt Ditton [Managing Director, Mighty Games]