90s Till Now: The Changing Face of Japanese Pop Culture

Since Akira, Japanese pop culture was the leading culture in games and entertainment. An entire generation of geeks grew up on magical girl transformations, pocket monsters and chocobos, yet according to Yoko Taro, Japanese pop culture isn’t as culturally relevant and profitable in the west than it was in the 1990s. Is this true? Do games like Persona 5 and Nier Automata suggest a return? Join a mixed panel of fans as they discuss the history and future of Japanimation and games.


Julian Rizzo-Smith [Freelance Writer, IGN & Next Media], Ginny Woo [Freelance Writer, Gamespot & more], Ngoc Vu [Character Designer & Animator for NecroBarista, Route59games], Patrick Lum [Production Assistant & Occasional Writer, Guardian], Hope Corrigan [Freelance Writer, IGN, Roar & Player2]