Beyond the Soundtrack: Sound Design In Modern Games

Behind every great gaming experience there are dedicated composers and sound designers working hard to enhance the moment. Daniel Scarratt & Benny Davis (Senyadee, Axis of Awesome) are joined by an expert panel to discuss how game music is made, the industry and the varied approaches that can be taken to create amazing sonic experiences.


Christopher Larkin (Hollow Knight)

Sally-anne Kellaway (OSSIC, VR & AR Sound Consultant)

Tim Shiel (DUET, Induction)

Johnny Galvatron (The Artful Escape)


Daniel Scarratt [Musician, Senyadee], Benny Davis [Musician, Senyadee], Sally-anne Kellaway [Creative Director, OSSIC], Christopher Larkin [Composer/ Sound Designer, Freelance], Tim Shiel [Co Founder/ Director, Spirit Level], Jeff van Dyck [Composer]