Dungeons & Dragons for Dummies

Looking for a fun way to be creative with friends? Do you enjoy fantastical problem solving, potentially playing god, and fictional murder? Has D&D ever tugged at your fancy, but having so much to learn intimidated you? This panel is a entertaining, laid-back crash-course guide into the wacky world of Dungeons & Dragons for those who just want to have fun goofing around with friends. Aimed at beginner DMs & players, we talk basics and answer all sorts of questions to starting your campaign.


Anny Sims [Cosplay Editor, Gametraders], Caroline Short [Cosplayer & D&D Player, Archistratege Cosplay], Mariam Owr [D&D Player, .], Bec Howlett [Cosplayer & D&D Player, WoahRebecca Cosplay], Holly Conrad [Dice, Camera, Action]