Ages 15+

Filthy Casuals Live Podcast

Join comedians Tommy Dassalo, Ben Vernel and Adam Knox from popular video games podcast Filthy Casuals as they wrap up the PAX that was. They’ll discuss every notable game on the show floor, as well as a few hidden gems, in their light-hearted but knowledgable style, & might even invite along a few special guests!

Previous guests include Dave Callan (Good Game), Luke McGregor (Rosehaven, Utopia), Kate Dehnert (Get Krackin’) and many more big names! Debrief PAX Aus 2018 with the Filthy Casuals.


Ben Vernel [Host, Filthy Casuals], Adam Knox [Host, Filthy Casuals], Tommy Dassalo [Host, Filthy Casuals], Kate Dehnert [ABC], Luke McGregor [ABC]