Fragged Empire Games

"Fragged Empire

(Sci-Fi RPG) Set in a far future ‘post, post-apocalypse’, four genetically engineered races seek to build a new society for themselves as they emerge from the ruin of genocidal war, and back to the stars.

Fragged Kingdom

(Fantasy RPG) Akharon has been scarred by magical war, and claimed by nature. But now that the monstrous Archdruid is dead, brave heroes and adventure seekers have begun to fight back against the wild and reclaim the world for civilisation. What awaits these brave souls is a vast and unexplored land, overgrown, and full of monsters, lost magic and ancient secrets.

Fragged Aeternum

(Gothic Horror RPG) Aeternum; the eternal city that stretches to all corners of known existence, a place where only the immortal Tethered stand between humanity and vile Fiends, Beasts, Golems and the evil schemes of powerful men. Bring your weapon and your lantern, for tonight we hunt!

Fragged Seas

(Pirate RPG) Welcome to Toil: a world of intrigue, magic, cannon-fire and dark gods. But when has that ever stopped pirates eh? So gather a crew of cutthroats, steal a ship, fill your hold with rum and gold, and head for the Fairie Sea to take all that you can from life!

Scenarios run for 2 hours, and start every two hours from 11am each day."

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