From Ideas To Reality: How to Create An Escape Room

So you have a concept in mind, but how do you actually create an escape room? How do designers approach creating puzzles, themes, and good game flow? How important is immersion, theming, and narratives? And what do designers wish they had known before embarking on their own designs?

Some of Australia’s most innovative game designers are here to answer your questions in a behind-the-scenes Q&A about the industry. Funny stories will be plentiful, advice shared, and fabulous prizes given!


Nic Healey [ABC Radio Presenter, ABC radio], Marise Watson [Owner and Game Designer, The Cipher Room], Leanne Yong [Co-owner and Puzzle Alchemist, Next Level Escape], Josh Hunt [Owner and Game Designer, The Mystery Rooms], Mark Anton [Owner and Game Designer, Social Escape Rooms], Joan Caballero [Owner and Game Designer, Labyrinth Escape Rooms]