Ages 15+

Game Development Explained with Sock Puppets - PART III

Welcome back, everybody, we are in year 3 of Game Development explained with Sock Puppets and are excited to bring back the adventures of Sam, Amy, Coreen, Jeff and of course the Davids in another story of the madness and wonders of game development! Bring your vocal cords, face muscles and an open heart, join us in this educational theatre with yet another secret international guest and puppeteers that have no idea what story they are going to play in!


Jennifer Scheurle [Game Design Lead, Opaque Space], Emilie Poissenot, Anthea Freshwater [Director, Sneaky Geeks], David Quinn [Host, The Periodic Table of Awesome], Jimmy Reilly [Head GM, GM4Hire], John Kane [Director / Programmer, Gritfish], Matt MacLean [Game Designer, Independent], Jody Toomey [Audio producer, Strange band audio]