Games are for Everyone: The Accessibility Panel

Often we think about accessibility only in terms of physical disabilities. As games get more mainstream and more influential, how do we make sure no one’s left out? How can we make games so they’re welcoming to the largest audience possible? Gamers with mental or physical disabilities and differences are often presented with an additional set of hurdles to get through before they can even start playing. We’ll also touch on issues of gender, race and body diversity and how making games for everyone should mean everyone.


John Kane [Director, Gritfish], Giselle Rosman [Business Admin, Hipster Whale], Tiger Bailey [Producer/Writer/Puppeteer, LabXT], Torbjorn Van Hees [PhD in Health Sciences, University of Adelaide], Alayna Cole [Founding director, Queerly Represent Me], Jess Gates [Student / Developmental Educator, University of the Sunshine Coast]