Geek Parent Forum: Playing Games with Our Kids

Which tabletop RPGs are kid-friendly? What is the right age to introduce video games? And what about games for different ages & stages? Join us to discuss these questions and many more at our 4th annual Geek Parent Forum. It will be much less of a panel, and much more of discussion involving you—the audience—as we share our parenting experiences. Please join our hosts, Geek Mums & Dads from the Australian Games Industry; and let’s all help each other raise the next generation of Geeks!


Dan Donahoo [Learning Producer & Geek Dad, Deeper Richer], Jane Cocks [PhD Candidate & Geek Mum, University of Sunshine Coast], Giselle Rosman [Business Admin & Geek Mum, Hipster Whale], Anthony Stiller [Geek Dad / Developer, Pond Software], Sarah Callan [Cosplayer & Geek Mum, Cosplayer]