Help Us Help You: Get The Most From Your Community Managers

So you’re part of a community. You love the game, you breathe the game, and all you want to do it talk to the developers! But wait, who is this pesky community manager, and why are they getting in the way? Rude.

Some of Australia’s pillars of Community Management will share their stories to help pull back the curtain on this often elusive role in games. Legend has it that if players and their community managers work together, they can make the game (and community!) a better place.


Gabriella Lowgren [Communications Manager, Infinity Plus Two], Justine Colla [Community Manager, Fox Glove Studios], Victoria Kershaw [Community Engagement Coordinator, EA Firemonkeys], Kerrie Fulker [Social Media and Community Coordinator, Madman Entertainment], Zane Woodhead [Communications and Social Media Manager, IGDAA and GCAP], Darcy Smith [Community Manager, League of Geeks]