How Should Games Make Moral Choices Matter?

Many games have tried to make morality matter. We’ve seen systems measuring karma (Fallout 3), alignment (Mass Effect), reputation (Tyranny), and opinion (Dragon Age). But no system is perfect. Join Stephanie "Hex" Bendixsen, Outside Xbox’s Jane Douglas, Kotaku’s Alex Walker and game devs Morgan Jaffit (Hand of Fate) and Nick Pearce (The Forgotten City), as they ask the big questions: Why should morality matter in games, and if it does, how should games make moral choices meaningful?


Stephanie Bendixsen [Author / Presenter, Independent (formerly Good Game, Screenplay)], Jane Douglas [Editor, Outside Xbox], Nick Pearce [Creative Director, Modern Storyteller], Morgan Jaffit [Gamerunner, Defiant Development], Alex Walker [Managing Editor, Kotaku Au]