It Is Happening… A Game: Twin Peaks the Game?

Join Paul Verhoeven (28 Plays Later, ABC ME’s Steam Punks), James O’Connor (VG247, Hyper Magazine), Edmond Tran (Gamespot Australia) and David Rayfield (Gamespot, as they endeavour to make sense of the glorious madness and brainstorm the ultimate Twin Peaks game. What genre will it be? On what platform? Will it come with coffee and pie? Better yet, why stop there? In the age of bad sitcoms and prestige drama, what other shows really shouldn’t be turned into games?


Paul Verhoeven [Host, 28 Plays Later], James O'Connor [Panellist, Self], Edmond Tran [Panellist, GameSpot], David Rayfield [Panellist, Raygunbrown]