League of Heels: The Great Australian Bash!

After chaotic shows at PAX West, East, and South, League of Heels is coming to Australia for the first time! Dozens of game industry professionals will compete against each other, playing wrestling video games live on stage. Developers, press, and fans alike will don spandex (sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally) to battle it out and determine the winner… only at The Great Australian Bash!


Aaron Trites [League of Heels], Justine Colla [Surprise Attack Games], Kate Stark [Twitch Partner], Kris Straub [Chainsawsuit], Mary Kish [Twitch], Paul Verhoeven [28 Plays Later], Teddy Dief [Square Enix Montreal], Kim Allom [Defiant Development], Guy "Yug" Blomberg [Pokemon Enthusiast], Ashley Ringrose [SMG Studio], Daniel Van Boom [CNET], Dean "Woody" Woodward [League Of Geeks], David Rayfield [Journalist], Dave Oshry [New Blood], Jack Crnjanin [New Game Plus], James O'Connor [Journalist], Jiggs [The Video Game Mafia], Joab Gilroy [Red Bull], JusZ Cosplay [JusZ Cosplay], Luke Mitchell [Checkpoint on JOY 94.9], Ryan Hartman [Acquisitions Inc, C Team], Stephen Heller [Surprise Attack Games]