Let's Make a Board Game: Live!

Last year we took your ideas and created "Unstable", the board game of psychic cyberpunk horse war (and love). This year we’re doing it all over again!

Join game designers Alex Wynnter (The Brigade), Hayley Gordon (Good Society: Jane Austen RPG) and Shannon Kelly (Lucidity: 6SN), with moderator and designer Steve Dee (Relics), and artist Chloe Walsh as we take your ideas to create a game that you can play over the weekend in the tabletop area, and print at home after PAX is finished.


Shannon Kelly [Designer, Fox Tale Games], Alex Wynnter [Designer, Red Genie Games], Hayley Gordon [Designer, Storybrewers Roleplaying], Chloe Walsh [Artist, @scoutrager], Steve Dee [Moderator, Tin Star Games]