Let's Play Some More Bad Dating Sims

Did last year’s bad dating sims leave you aching for more? Do you have a thirst that cannot be quenched by any ordinary game?

The only PAX panel where you can date a military tank returns for another year, where we will pursue hot Brothers who also happen to be printers, try to bump uglies with the most eligible ogres, flirt with clever girls (of the velociraptor variety), or experience love like only Oedipus can. And no, we’re still not making any of these up.

Join us as we look for love in the unlikeliest places, and hopefully get some partially-animated action along the way.


Hayley Williams [Deputy Editor, Lifehacker], Katie Sparkes [Dating Blogger/Token Non-Gamer, Victorian Values], Katie Gall [Creative Director, Lumi Consulting], Tegan Jones [Deputy Editor, Gizmodo], Floksy Locksy [Cosplayer]