Ages 15+

Leveling Up Men and Masculinity

Masculinity, Games, MEN!? How do games shape masculinity, and how do men shape games? What’s changed in 50 years? What can men do better as gamers and games developers? A panel of diverse men tackle these massive, difficult, manly questions. As games become more inclusive, it is crucial for men to step up and advance the conversation. We’ll talk healthy masculinity, toxic masculinity, and BOSS MODE MASCULINITY in games. Join us for some testosterone fuelled discussion!

In 2018, we need to be talking about how gender and games intersect. An all-male panel is usually not a positive step towards representation, but we feel men talking to other men is a critical part of gender discussion! The five of us on this panel don’t have all the answers, but between our diverse backgrounds and experiences we aim to progress the conversation about more positive masculinity in games.


Ken Wong [Creative Director, Mountains], Josh Muller [Psychologist, Mind Equality Centre], Morgan Jaffit [Gamerunner, Defiant Development], Sav Ferguson [Designer/Writer, Freelance], Emre Can Deniz [Founder, Opaque Space]