Nanojam 2.0: Live Game Design

<p>Game design is usually a lengthy, iterative process. Experts spend countless hours massaging ideas into viable games. But what if we wanted to design over the course of, say, a PAX panel? What if we wanted to design a whole bunch of games?<p><p>Nanojam is a game design fracas featuring a panel of designers producing game ideas based on audience suggestions, with an artist and a composer frantically sketching and composing live on stage.<p><p>It's a mess. A big, wonderful, hilarious mess. Join us!<p>


Jason Imms [Word Mercenary, Most of them], Maize Wallin [Interactive Arts Composer and Teacher, Freelance], Leonie Yue [Character Designer and Illustrator, Mighty Games], Rami Ismail [Founder and Strategic Director, Vlambeer], Kris Straub [Cartoonist, Designer, Writer, Performer, Chainsawsuit], Alayna Cole [Games Lecturer and Writer, University of the Sunshine Coast]

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