Nanojam 3.0: Wacky Live Game Design

Nanojam is back for a third year running, delivering another hour of game design schadenfreude as three designers, a composer, and an artist try to come up with brand-new game ideas LIVE, based on ridiculous audience suggestions. So come along with your tweetin’ fingers ready with suggestions like last year’s Muscle Duck, teaching a mech to walk, or the SEMINAL Cheeseburger Backpack: Gluten-Free Disco.


Jason Imms [Host, Game Hugs Podcast], Rami Ismail [Co-Founder, Vlambeer], Paul Verhoeven [Host, 28 Plays Later], Leonie Yue [Artist and illustrator, Mighty Games], Maize Wallin [Composer, sound, and engineering, Freelance], Lucy Morris [Independant Developer, Starcolt]