One Perfect Game's Mario Tennis Invitational 2018

It’s time to lace up the Dunlop Volleys, string up the rackets and step on the court. Eight of Australia’s best and brightest streamers, podcasters and presenters will duke it out in a highly prestigious Mario Tennis Aces tournament in what is sure to be a smash hit. Come and help cheer your favourite gaming personality to glory!


Matt Tilby [Podcaster/Presenter, One Perfect Game/Sabotage Media], Naysy [Twitch Broadcaster, Naysy (Twitch)], Vondle [Twitch Streamer/Influencer, Vondle], Maedi [Streamer/Marketing Manager, Hanabee Entertainment/Maedi], HolmesInFive [Twitch Streamer, HolmesInFive], JackHuddo [Partnered Twitch Streamer, JackHuddo], Alexander Foldi [Caster/Commentator]