Ages 15+

Patches, Dice & NPCs: The State of Sex in Modern Gaming

There’s probably no other industry as universally beloved as the games industry. Whether you’re playing first person shooters or tabletop RPGs, just about everybody has had some exposure to gaming. However, it is perhaps no surprise that it often fails to address sex & sexuality as progressively or imaginatively as a lot of other mediums do. In this panel, professionals & activists will discuss this issue in response to a wide array of relevant debates taking place within the gaming sphere.


Lucie Bee [Writer/Speaker/Activist, Independent], Jimmy Reilly [Head GM, GM4Hire], John Kane [Director, Gritfish], Siren Vandoll [Sexuality Educator & Consultant, Siren Vandoll: Sexuality Education & Consultancy], Tobi Snaggal [Founder, Hella Gay Games], Kim Allom [Co-Founder, Blushbox Collective]