Pax Pirata: Censorship in Gaming, Media and Society

A discussion of censorship in the gaming industry, both regarding games or their classification and related issues as they affect both the media and society around gaming. Though some aspects of games classification have been updated in recent years, there have been other legislative changes (not all directly relating to gaming) which increase the avenues for censorship by direct regulation, corporate influence or societal pressure.


Ben McGinnes [Founder, Publisher and Author, Adversary Publishing], Emily Sievers [President, Pirate Party Australia], Lucie Bee [Adult Entertainer and Activist, Lucie Bee], Dr. Charles Livingstone [Senior Lecturer, Monash University, Department of Epiddemiology and Preventative Medicine], Jennifer Scheurle [Game Design Lead, Opaque Space], Nic Healey [Radio Presenter and Freelance Writer, 2SER]