Photo Mode: Turning Games into Art Galleries

Over recent years, the emergence of the Photo Mode feature has given players a new way to explore and visualise their gaming passion. And with games such as Horizon Zero Dawn pushing the boundaries on what can be achieved, the increasing popularity of game photography is set to explode. Embark on a Photo Mode safari with our panel of professionals and enthusiasts, featuring art curator Helen Stuckey and Guerrilla Games developer Tim Stobo, as we explore where game world photography is at, why it’s attracting so much interest, what the future holds and why you should get involved… (if you’re not already!)


Helen Stuckey [Curator, Historian and Game Program Manager, RMIT University], Tim Stobo [Principal Game Designer, Guerrilla Games], Madeleine Beer [Winner of Guerrilla Games Horizon Zero Dawn Photo Mode Community Competition Winner], Jennifer Scheurle [Game Design Lead, Opaque Space], Drew Taylor [Game World Photographer and Communications Manager, Surprise Attack Games]