Pinny Arcade Community Panel: I Come for a Pin Down Under

PAX WEEKEND ONLY! Six of the pin trading world’s most pugnacious commentators show-down over some of the more controversial issues facing the hobby today. Gasp as they debate the thorniest ethical conundrums facing pin traders! Cower in fear before the terrible visage of community group chat! Marvel at the insights of our caged pin vendor! Swoon at our detailed social media analytics! Don’t miss out on the pin rumble of the century. You’ll pay for the whole seat BUT YOU’LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!


Andrew Marshall [PAX_Skeletor, Pinny Arcade Community], Ben Kosmina [Pinny Arcade Indie Dev Liaison, Aussieben, Pinny Arcade Community], Cassandra Murray [Duckie, Pinny Arcade Community], Chris Hansford [capt_wasabi, Pinny Arcade Community], Jeff Pearce [senno, Pin Pals Facebook Editor], Matt Bearup [interestingmix, Pinny Arcade Community]