Pulling the Trigger: Shipping The American Dream and The Gardens Between

The Voxel Agents & Samurai Punk have just crawled out from the development trenches to release highly-anticipated The Gardens Between & The American Dream. Watch them interviewed live on stage as they dive into the makeup and creative process behind a modern adventure game, and get a little bit raw with the challenges of indie game dev.


@vghpe [Game Director, The Voxel Agents], @kkatlas [Freelancing Writer/Artist, Engadget], @nicholasmc1 [Managing Director / Artist, Samurai Punk], @winstonoftang [Director / Programmer, Samurai Punk], Cyrian Guillaume [Lead Artist, Samurai Punk], Jonathan Swanson [Art Director, The Voxel Agents], Jessica Brett [3D Artist, The Voxel Agents]