Science, Space, and VIDEO GAMES?!  ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Australia has a space agency now, and you know what that means, more space for us Aussies (get it…space). You’re probably asking yourself, what does video games have to do with space or science, well this team we’ve assembled of Astronaut Trainers, Astronomers, Astrophysicists, a lady from the museum, and some kid that plays video games who managed to bring all of these people together?!

They will tell you how video games are helping advance/inspire/teach people about science and space!


Mitchell Manganaro [Game Designer, Opaque Space], Dr. Gail Iles [Physicist, RMIT], Kate Barnard [Science Programs Manager, Scienceworks], Emre Deniz [Founder, Opaque Space], Virginia Kilborn [Astrophysicist, Swinburne University], Carl Knox [Digital Media and Marketing Officer, Swinburne University]