Slurs, Toxicity & Hate: Life Online as Female & LGBT+ Gamers

In our panel we get down and dirty on the topic of harassment in online gaming. We cover the many ways in which harassment can take form and how it can affect the daily lives of those it touches. We not only look into the gaming aspects but also the psychological impact and implications this harassment leaves behind, giving our own thoughts and experiences. This panel does come with a trigger warning as panelists will discuss their own experience which could cause discomfort to others.


Cameron Honey-Swain [Host and Editor, Checkpoint on JOY 94.9], Laura Crawford [Lecturer in Psychology of Game Design & Industry Liaison, Swinburne University of Technology], DC McCormick [Bachelor in social research and policy with honors and 2 Masters. Special interest in socially marginalized identities with a sociological analysis., Twitch Channel: DC_from_DC], Luke Axford [Community Manager & Events Coordinator, Melbourne Gaymers], Rachel Humphreys [LGBTIQ+ Presenter and Journalist, Checkpoint on JOY 94.9]