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SnakAttack: Edible Gaming

Edible gaming is back with the SnakAttak team once again giving you every good reason why you should play with your food. Games include:

Picnic Panic: A fast and frivolous party game of lolly larceny perfect for all ages.

Entree Invaders: Savoury spaceships scour the galaxy for more cheese, kabana, and antipasto to add to their armada. But watch out for the singularity dips!

Rocky Road Warriors: Lamington buggies with marshmallow wheels engage in a frantic real-time demolition derby for supremacy of the glazed highways.

Tiny Teddies Go To War: The classic Melbourne gaming convention staple that has become a PAX Aus tradition. Honey, chocolate, and choc chip tiny teddy armies engage in a battle to the last crumb, complete with gummy commandos, giant tedd-naughts, and a host of sugary enemies to keep the battlefield diabetically dangerous!

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