Stand and Shout! How You Can Change the Public Perception of Games, Gamers, and Game Creators

Having spent 25+ years in the game industry and 5 years as Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association (2012-2017), Kate Edwards gained a very unique perspective on attitudes towards the games and the game development profession. Despite being a massive cultural and economic force, it’s still struggling to gain respect as a creative art form and as the primary catalyst for evolving mass entertainment. In short, those who love games and create games have lost control of the narrative about their favorite medium. If you love games and/or love creating them, it’s up to YOU to be the your own best advocate. In this talk, Kate will confront the major issues facing game players and creators today, and embolden individuals to act now and become their own best advocates.


Kate Edwards [Geographer, CEO & Principal Consultant, Geogrify]