The Best Worst Games in History: Jurassic Park Trespasser

Some game’s failures are so notorious that they become legend. In this regard Jurassic Park: Trespasser ranks among the greatest of the great. Despite this, below the layers upon layers of unplayable, broken, ugly, frustrating, awfulness there lies a core so pure, so ambitious, so full of joy and wonder that we must share it with the world! Join us as we sing the praises of one of the worst games in history!


Paul Broadhurst [Sadist, Eight and a Half Bit], James Bowling [Game Deisgner, Blocky Pixel / Spunge Games / Eight and a Half Bit], Tim Dawson [Game Artist / Programmer, Witch Beam], John Kane [Game Deisgner, Gritfish], Shakari Chulyin [Producer / Artist, Overcharge Studios]