The Great Tabletop Debate

We’re back again for round two! Last year we asked the experts whether the gaming bubble was set to burst. And good news - it’s not! So this year we’re diving a little deeper to see whether new tabletop games are overrated compared to the classics or are board games genuinely getting better? Is ‘better’ even the right way to look at this? Are games more innovative now or is everything just derivative of something older? Is variety the spice of life or do we have too much of a good thing? Help!


Garth Gray [Co-Host, Dice Men Cometh], Tania Walker [Art Director, Jellybean Games], Dann May [Art Director/Creative Director, Game Salute], Alex Wynnter [Creative Director, Red Genie Games], Derek Maggs [Contributor,], Anna Zou [Designer, Defiant Development]