The Great Tabletop Debate 2016

For the first time ever at PAX AUS, it's the great debate tabletop gaming has to have! The industry is going through a golden age of popularity, with new players and publishers making their presence known. But can the industry continue like this or is this popularity bubble about to burst? What would this mean for publishers and gamers? Join store owners, publishers, designers and consumers as they tackle one of the industry’s biggest questions. (Moderated by David Scott, Rule & Make)


Phoebe Wild [Editor, Cardboard Vault], Dann May [Creative Director, Game Salute], David Harding [Publisher, Grail Games], James Mackay [Owner/Manager, Games Laboratory], Mark Rickards [Host/Producer, The Dice Men Cometh], Melissa Rogerson [Tabletop Games Manager, PAX Aus]

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