The Realities of Being an Indie Virtual Reality Developer

Virtual Reality is the hot new gaming trend and most of the innovation is driven by small, dedicated studios. Australia has a great indie VR dev scene and they are here to answer your questions! Join seasoned VR developers and listen them talk about their experience making VR titles, hear about the challenges they faced, what they think the market will evolve into, how they are (or aren’t) surviving in this niche market and what the best steps are if you want to make amazing VR content yourself.


Mark Schramm [Developer, Mark Schramm VR & AR], Christopher Parkin [Co-Founder, Offpeak Games], Nathan Beattie [Founder, Virtualex], Kieran Lord [CEO, Cratesmith], James Walker [Programmer, Aberrant Realities], Ryan Alcock [CEO, Blunt Instrument Studios]