The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Panel

Super Smash Bros. started off as a crazy experiment by Nintendo that morphed into a game of enormous scope—insanely spanning more than 30 game franchises and featuring third-party characters. With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate due out in December, join us as we rummage through Smash’s history, look at how it’s revived dead franchises, discuss what we want to see in the upcoming game, talk about how it has become a popular competitive fighting game, and learn a few tips from the pros.


David Johnson [Publication Director, Zelda Universe], Shona Johnson [Project Manager, Zelda Universe], Cody Davies [Community Manager, Zelda Universe], Jack "Pudge" Gorman [Smash Tournament Organiser, Couch Warriors], Joshua "Sora" Lyras [Pro Melee player, ORDER], Nick "Extra" McKenzie [Pro Smash 4 player, Dark Sided]