Thinking About Running a Charity Stream in Australia?

It’s not hard to do Good Down Under. Running a charity event is 90% in the preparation; the easiest part is hitting the red button! Here to give a tutorial on setting up for success, field questions from prospective philanthropists, or to run any event, really, is: Dr Jennifer Hazel (CheckPoint Charity), Streamer ‘Loserfruit’, Matthew Waterworth (Reboot PR & MCV Pacific), streamer ‘ChinglishTV’, Michael Sloane (GenerOZity), Leto ‘Letofski’ Colbran-Simpson (GenerOZity) and Joel Rennie (GenerOZity).


Michael Sloane [Lead Producer & Co-founder, GenerOZity], Leto Colbran-Simpson [Organizer & Co-founder, GenerOZity], LoserFruit [Streamer (Loserfruit), Streamer (Loserfruit)], Matthew Waterworth [Specialist, MCV Pacific & Reboot PR], ChinglishTV [Streamer (ChinglishTV), Streamer (ChinglishTV)], Dr Jennifer Hazel [Founder & Executive Director, CheckPoint], Joel Rennie [GenerOZity, Director & Co-founder]