Ages 15+

Werewolf Live: The Flowerew Affair

The sleepy village of Flowerew has been struck by a series of vicious murders. Your friends have been mauled in the night, the claw marks and tufts of fur left behind can mean only one thing: Werewolves!

You gather in town, eyeing your neighbours with suspicion. Who will be next, who can you trust, and who is a fur-ocious killer in disguise? Is it… you!?

Can the Villagers unmask the Werewolves before they eat their way through the entire village? Join us in Flowerew as we find out!


Dave Douds [Chief Investigator, Werewolf Melbourne], Gemma Duncan, CaughtJesster [Actor/Filmmaker, CaughtJesster], Jimmy Reilly [Head GM, GM4Hire], Kevin Powe [Publican, Tavern of Voices], Richard McKenzie [Owner/Creator, Dungeon Crawl]