Ages 15+

Western Dating Sims: Beyond Tsunderedome

Dating sims are not new to Western audiences, but the success of titles such as Hatoful Boyfriend, Dream Daddy and Ladykiller in a Bind demonstrates the wide appeal of strategic dating. Playing the opening sequence of Dream Daddy as an example, our panelists will explore our favourite Western dating sims and their approach to friendship, sexuality and approval points. Come discover your new favourite game!


Barbara Kerr [Writer, Freelance], Jack Crnjanin [TV, Radio and SM Producer, Freelance], Pritika Sachdev [Community Manager, CheckPoint], Jess Zammitt [Critic/Data Analyst, Queerly Represent Me], Cassiel Kelner [Translator & Localiser, Freelance], Shakari Chulyin [Producer, Overcharge Studios]