We've Come a Loooong Way Since Bioshock

Moral decision-making has been a part of games for decades, but recent high-profile games focusing on this process sparked a new wave of titles seeking to do it better. From the binary choices of Bioshock and inFamous to the highly challenging choices of Telltale’s The Walking Dead series, Life is Strange and This War of Mine, there’s no denying that serious ground continues to be broken in the realm of moral choices in games.

How did we get here and where should we be going next?


Leigh Harris [Director / Lead Designer, Flat Earth Games], Mahli-Ann Rakkomkaew Butt [PhD Student, University of Sydney], Emilie Poissenot [Game Designer / Writer / Producer, Freelance], Saf Davidson [Freelancer, Freelance], John Kane [Director, Gritfish], David Gaider [Creative Director, Beamdog]