Ages 15+

Writers Anonymous

Do you write games? Do you worry you might be writing too much or too little? Is your writing causing problems with your friends, family or team? Have you given up on games because you didn’t like the writing, written alone or in secret, or hidden stories around your house? Join this twelve-step program designed to help all writers of games, experienced to aspiring. Only by sharing our stories can we come to a better understanding of writing in games. Only together can we beat this evil.


Daniel McMahon [Writer, Team Bondi/KMM Games/Freelance], Leigh Harris [Director, Flat Earth Games], Joshua Meadows [Lead writer/developer, Alcyone: The Last City], Saf Davidson [Narrative designer, Freelance], Emilie Poissenot [Lead designer, Buy Somewhere], David Gaider [Creative Director, Beamdog]