A Township Tale

Developer: Alta VR
Publisher: Alta VR
Platform: PC, Quest 2
Virtual Reality, Multiplayer, RPG, Adventure, Simulation

A Township Tale is a multiplayer role-playing survival game, in a fantasy medieval setting. It takes the classical concepts of swords, bows, smiths, and adventurers into a fully interactive physical VR world.

Players level up their character across various civilian and combat professions, with unique abilities that help them specialize in roles. They can then share in their craft, trading or bartering with other players for thousands of unique weapons, armours, consumables and collectible items.

Every item crafted is born out of the hard work of others, and its history could be traced back to a player’s adventure. As players band together to explore the challenges and adventures of the massive world, they seek legendary materials for their town and untold secrets for their ultimate RPG fantasy.

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