Inkster Games - The makers of F**k. The Game

Game: Blurgh
Developer: Bela Inkster
Publisher: Inkster Games
Platform: Tabletop
Party Games

A game of bad language, crazy drawings and hilarious mistakes.

From the creators of F**k. The Game – the original Aussie swearing game.

What’s it about

  • Get creative and draw your friends faces (and more) to use in your game.
  • Take turns to flip over a card and shout the answer based on a few simple, yet tricky, rules.
  • Your card could be a colour, a swear word, or even your own face!
  • Each card is designed to mess with your head – the more mistakes, the more laughs.
  • Get it wrong or take too long, and you’ll be forced to pick up cards.
  • The first player to lose all their cards wins!

Some of the cards use a psychological phenomenon – called the Stroop effect – to mess with your head and delay your brain’s response.

  • Mess with your heads – A tricky combination of colours, swear words and pictures will confuse even your smartest of friends.
  • Make it your game – Use the scratch cards to create your own rules using words and pictures, then keep them for future games. No drawing skills needed!
  • Choose your challenge – With a variety of extra challenge cards to add to the mix, no round will ever be the same.
  • Get creative – Your creations using out patented scratch cards are the real star in this game. But don’t worry, no drawing skills are needed!
  • Insult your friends – swear at your friends and family without offending them.

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