Dragon Ball Heroes Australia

Genre: Anime

Dragon Ball Heroes Australia is the birthplace of Super Dragon Ball Heroes cards in Australia. These are the best of the best for collectors- with incredible artwork, textured foiling and overall card quality. Most importantly, we work closely with our friends and partners in Japan’s Hobby Stores and Arcades to bring you the best condition possible. This is important because most of these cards are won individually from Arcade Machines, and not from booster packs.

Recently we’ve broadened our horizons and opened a Vault on the site of items we’ve dubbed as ‘Hidden Gems’. Here you’ll find many old, unique and hard to find Japanese cards and boosters from various Anime going as far back as the 90’s.

Support local and get your hands on some incredible pieces for your collection today! Every order comes with bonus goodies that scale with order value, and we have free tracked shipping Australia-wide for any order over $50!

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