Developer: Black Salt Games
Platform: PC
Genre: Adventure RPG

Welcome to the vibrant, open relaxing days and enclosed, lonely nights of Dredge.

Starting from your new home on an archipelago known as The Marrows, players will outfit a vessel capable of reaching the far-flung islands and accessing their peculiar inhabitants. You will need to balance speed, fishing equipment and other items while leaving enough cargo space for your catch. Don't forget to keep an eye on the time - those who brave the night might find a more lucrative haul but could also find sinister and deadly experiences await them on and in the dark waters.

The five major zones in Dredge will each have their own unique theme and feel with access to new and rare types of fish and crabs, trinkets and materials that players can use to unlock specialised equipment for the area or general boat upgrades.

Game Features:

  • Explore multiple different regions within the world of Dredge
  • Improve your boat equipment including rods, engines, lights and cargo space
  • Upgrade your vessel, trading in for bigger and better boats
  • Fish with multiple different rods, trawl nets and crab pots
  • Discover mysterious relics that unlock supernatural powers
  • Endure the lonely nighttime waters
  • Survive what is awaiting you in the depths

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