Fantasy Town Regional Manager

Developer: Caps Collective
Platform: Steam (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Genre: Fantasy, Town-Builder, Roguelite, Card-based, Satire, Strategy

Fantasy Town Regional Manager is a roguelite, card-based town builder where you manage your very own fantasy town! It is your duty as mayor to defend it against monsters, rowdy adventurers, and corporate oversight.

This town-building, collectible card gaming satire of the fantasy genre, asks the question, "What is it like to run a town for adventurers?" Probably horrifying, but potentially quite fun! It's our love-letter to role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, and the oftentimes humorous and ridiculous situations we've all experienced playing them.

The game originally grew out of a 3-month student project back in April of 2020, and since then our Sydney based team, Caps Collective, has been hard at work to bring it to full release this November!

You can currently wishlist the game on Steam or, follow updates on Twitter and even join us on Discord to chat with us and let us know what you think. We're very much looking forward to getting the final game into the hands of players soon, so keep a look out for full release coming early next month!

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