Grim Hollow: The Players Guide

Developer: Ghostfire Gaming
Publisher: Ghostfire Gaming
Platform: Available in Print, Digital
Genre: Dark Fantasy

Step into a Dark and Compelling World:

Grim Hollow: The Players Guide is the ultimate players companion for making gritty characters in a dark fantasy campaign. This supplement is compatible with 5e and designed to be friendly for both beginners and veterans alike! 

A Slew of New Character Options

The Players Guide contains new subclasses for each class within 5th Edition. Each is unique to the world of Etharis and brings a dark fantasy twist. From the blood magic fuelled Sangomancer to the stern Oath of Zeal, each equips you with the tools to survive in a dark fantasy setting.

Play as an Elemental or Fey

Become one of two new Transformations within Etharis with the Primordial and the Fey. Call upon the power of the great wyrm and the four elements to become a venerable Elemental or succumb to the allure of the dark mists and the spirits of nature to become a scheming Fey. Each bring their own flavour to the Transformation mechanic and provide a new level of customisation for player characters.

Blood Magic and New Spells

Vanquish your enemies with an entirely new school of magic known as Sangromancy, or Blood Magic. The Players Guide brings a wide array of new Sangomancy spells as well as spells from existing 5e schools!

A Hoard of New Magic Items

Discover a trove of new Magic Items with a dark fantasy twist. The players Guide brings new magic items in a format 5e players will find familiar, designed to lean on beloved dark fantasy tropes. Additionally, the book brings several new items unique for transformations, enhancing their powers and dampening their flaws."

The world of Etharis doesn’t end here. Grim Hollow: The Campaign Guide and Grim Hollow: The Monster Grimoire are also available, check them out on the store!”

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