Last Hold Games - Custom Dungeon Master Screens

Developer: Last Hold Games
Genre: Tabletop Accessories

We handcraft and deliver beautiful wooden Dungeon Master screens. Choose from our lighter Rich Chestnut or more sinister Dark Oak stained wood and their complimenting Leatherette. Then decide on which intricate laser engraved design for your screen. Choose from the light-hearted Bard, the fiery Wizard, or the fearsome Warrior designs.

2 Brass hinges allow the Critical Wings to fold inwards for easy transport and a groove is cut into the top of each screen which allows the Dungeon Master to hang any important information.

The final design choice is the Custom Wording! Is this a gift for yourself, “The greatest DM” or a gift for your favourite “TPK Master”? Whatever the occasion, make it special and have it engraved.

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