Genre: Team-Based, Roguelike, Stealth, Investigation
Developer: Salty Dog Studios
Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch
Classification: PG

Conservation. Stealth. Sabotage.

Legacies uses mischief and subterfuge against forces plundering the ocean for profit. Team up with friends or anyone online to cause mischief and protect an endangered ecosystem from irreversible destruction.

Empowered through the acquisition of information, your team must work together to evade, sabotage and manipulate their enemies. Through differing submarine types chosen at the beginning of each session, players will fulfill roles that are both unique and important to the team’s goals.

Throughout games you'll learn more about Max, a blind young adult who lost his estranged mother. In possibly the strangest inheritance in history, all she left him was this old submarine. Retrace her steps as an ecological vigilante and team up with fellow crusaders, Roger and Bazza to uncover a deep mystery.

The game supports its' stealth based gameplay through sound: as you pilot through shark infested waters, or slink over the ocean floor to remain undetected, the submarine's audio-based sonar system assists your journey. Listen closely and learn of dangers that you might not see on screen.

Immerse yourself in unique underwater environments. Drift through colourful coral reefs, stealth in the dark and unsettling deep, carefully pilot through underwater caves, and track unbeknownst foes from below in serene, beautiful, and dangerous locations.

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